To work in a company, at a young age, I knew it was necessary to specialize in one area, and my focus has always been chemistry. After graduating in Pharmacy, I specialized in Industry, did my Master’s in Organic Chemistry, my Doctorate in Polymer Sciences, and a Post-Doctorate in Materials Engineering. At IOTO INTERNATIONAL (Brazil) and IOTO USA (United States of America), I can to the best of my abilities, develop flavors and machines necessary to meet customer requests.

Since from a young age, I have always been interested in different aromas and flavors. I wanted to understand what allowed us to identify the smell of each thing. It was then that I became interested in organic chemistry, where I could find answers. I started my studies in pharmacy, but I felt that it was still not my place. It was then that I discovered chemical engineering, which brought me here. Today I am the general manager of IOTO International, where I seek to transmit my knowledge and excellence through our team. I always seek to be able to share with our customers different sensory experiences through our products.

When I joined IOTO team, I saw a great opportunity to apply my knowledge in carbohydrate chemistry, sustainable use of renewable resources and production management. The transformation of tobacco waste and other plant materials into products of interest to the market, fascinates me and motivates me to a constant learning, channeled to the developments of new processes capable of delivering high quality products to our customers in line with the new market demands.